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Unique jewelery has long been part of Per Borup Design's universe. One can only be fascinated by the small unique works of art, and they are characterized by the heavy gold, beautiful stones, large diamonds, beautiful pearls and mysterious opals. In our unique collection, most pieces of jewelery are only available in a single copy, while others are numbered in up to five copies. 

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The opal jewelry is a large part of our collection, and they are all completely unique. Per Borup is behind the design of all of them and he always started by finding just the right opal, after which he was inspired by the mysterious stones. He shaped the gold around the beautiful stones and conjured up the fantastic pieces of jewelery art that we have in our collection today.

In most of our opal jewelry, Boulder opals from Australia are used, which are characterized by their play of colors in blue, green, red and yellow shades. If you turn the stone around, you get a completely different pattern, and you have witnessed magic.

The beautiful multi-row pearl locks are all completely unique and have a royal and extremely elegant look. Here, it is the gold that, together with diamonds and precious stones, is the focal point of the pearls. The pearl locks are shown here with white pearls, but our smart locking system means that all chains can be attached. Beautiful gray Tahitian pearls or colored stone chains are also obvious options.

In this way, you will be able to change the look of the jewellery. Limited only by imagination.

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