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At Per Borup Design, we are proud to be one of the few remaining jewellery companies that still exclusively produce jewellery in Denmark. The jewellery is characterized by good craftsmanship, high quality and noble materials.

With our exclusive jewellery, you wear a story about a company that has aesthetically shaped Danish jewellery design for 60 years. The company is today run by Per Borup's son Kell Borup and granddaughter Julie Borup.




Kaya, with its full shapes and playful lightness, is the new collection from Per Borup Design.

Kaya is inspired by nature and the opportunities that lie right in front of us, and brings dreams into your everyday life.

The fan shape gives the jewellery a feminine look that suits every occasion. 

The rings are beautiful, organic and fit nicely on the finger. The earrings suit everyone and the pendant sits beautifully on the neck.

The name Kaya because it is beautiful, simple and perfectly matches the new jewellery from Per Borup Design. 

Let nature and dreams come to life with Kaya.

Værksted - Kells hænder.tif
IMG_5121 sv.jpg
lup og brill.tif
daphne vedhæng.jpg
Una 1026RX_edited.jpg


The Changeling concept makes it possible to change the expression of your jewellery according to mood and outfit.

Each Changeling piece of jewellery in gold comes with 3 optional gemstones or pearls that can easily be replaced in your Changeling jewellery.


In the rings, it is the interaction between the finger and the ring that holds the gemstone in place, and in the pendants they are clicked in.



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