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All our jewellery is made by hand in the highest quality and produced by our skilled jewelers in our own workshop in Copenhagen. Each and every piece of jewellery is made with great care and attention to quality.

The jewellery is available with many different surfaces. From the completely shiny, to the natural rough and not least the iconic rustic surface, which is a characteristic of many Per Borup Design jewellery. 

Have fun here in our jewellery universe! We hope you find your next favorite piece of jewellery.

All jewelery from Per Borup Design is stamped with the correct quality and the name stamp PBo. This means that 14 kt. must be stamped with 585 and 18 kt. with 750. We make both 14 kt. and 18 kt. but on the page here are all prices for 14 kt. jewelry. The name stamp PBo ensures that you can always see where the jewelry is made. Many of our rings are stamped with our logo on the outside of the ring rail so you never get in doubt about where your new delicious jewelry comes from. The logo is Per Borup's own signature, and on many of his drawings it is fine in the corner.  


All our jewelry can be used for different occasions. Whether it's just for self-pampering or a gift for the one you love, Per Borup Design jewelry will be a really nice match. Many of the heart jewelry is an obvious gift for the one you love. Give a pair of Hearts earrings to the confirmant, free with a Sweetheart ring or give your mother an Open Your Heart pendant for Mother's Day. And maybe the next Twigs ring from here should be for you? 

Many Per Borup Design rings can also be used as wedding rings and engagement rings for you who want a unique design that can last a lifetime. The Duke series where there is a classic large men's ring and a smaller women's ring with diamonds inserted is a fine pair. In addition, we have previously delivered wedding rings in Daphne, Changeling, Hearts, Open Your Heart, Sandell, Twigs and Diamond Dots. 

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