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About Per Borup Design

At Per Borup Design, we are proud to be one of the few remaining jewelery companies that still exclusively produce jewelery in Denmark. In our workshop in the Copenhagen area, we hammer, file, solder and saw the precious metals and go to great lengths to create beautiful quality jewelery with soul. The jewelery is characterized by good craftsmanship, high quality and noble materials.

With our exclusive jewellery, you wear a story about a company that has aesthetically shaped Danish jewelery design for 60 years. The company is today run by Per Borup's son Kell Borup and granddaughter Julie Borup.


When Per Borup (1936-2012) grew up, he had no idea that he would end up as a goldsmith. Somewhat by chance, he applied for an apprenticeship in Copenhagen because his mother had seen an advertisement in the newspaper in 1951. It turned out to be the best thing that had happened to the 14-year-old boy.

Per Borup fell for the profession and loved shaping precious metals into beautiful jewellery. His journeyman piece, which he had designed himself, was a complicated brooch, for which he received both a diploma and a bronze medal in 1956. As a self-employed person, Per Borup soon carried out workshop and commission work for the biggest jewelers in Copenhagen and his craftsmanship was admired far and wide.  

In 1975, Per Borup's son, Kell Borup (born 1959), became an apprentice in the company. For Kell, the choice of profession came very naturally since he practically grew up in a goldsmith's workshop. In 1979 he became an apprentice and co-owner of the company Per Borup Design.

When the company had its 25th anniversary in 1987, it was celebrated with the launch of jewelery in its own name and Per Borup Design was founded. 


The aesthetics behind our jewellery often stem from the contrast between rustic and glossy surfaces. The way the gold design supports the sparkling diamonds plays an important role. Common to the jewelery is a classic Scandinavian touch. Our jewelery is timeless and is designed to follow its owners for a lifetime and preferably for several generations. We therefore also attach great importance to quality, and we will not compromise on that. 


The jewellery will be handmade in 14 and 18 carat red gold and palladium white gold with diamonds in the quality Top Wesselton / VS. 

Per Borup Design is carried by several Danish jewelers, and is exported with great success to Sweden, Norway, Holland and Belgium.

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