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Rings are often the piece of jewellery with the greatest meaning for the owner. Wedding rings, engagement rings, the ones you received on a round birthday and the ones you gave yourself because you just couldn't help it.


Immerse yourself in Per Borup Design's universe with the many beautiful different rings. Finger rings are one of our many specialties. The many classic designs are timeless and of the best quality, so they can be used throughout a lifetime. Enjoy!

Our rings have always been our most popular piece of jewellery and we make them in many different designs.

The wide rings for those who want it take up a little space. The little nice ones for the confirmation girl and the student. Changeling rings for the colorful. The diamond rings for courtships and engagements. The heart rings for the wedding day

and those that are just so beautiful that you just have to own them. 

All our rings are stamped P.Bo on the inside, so you are never in any doubt as to where your favorite piece of jewellery comes from. Many of our models are also stamped with our signature P.Bo logo on the outside of the ring rail. The rings on this page are all 14 carat gold, stamped 585, and the diamonds are always Top Wesselton / VS quality. We make our rings in all ring sizes. Most of our rings can be engraved. If you are in doubt about your size, you can start by ordering our ring measurements and get the cost refunded for a later ring purchase. Many of the rings are pictured in red gold, but all can be ordered in white gold and a few rings are available in a silver version. The prices shown for the rings are in 14 carat gold, but they can also be ordered and made in 18 carat on request.

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