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Pendants come in many different shapes and sizes, and our pendants come in many different variants with many different expressions.

Pendants that have a bit of fullness and weight fit nicely in long chains and the smaller pendants are so nice in short chains.

The fine, colorful Changeling pendants, where you can easily replace the gemstone, are suitable for every occasion, and there are pendants for virtually all of our other jewellery series. 

The Changeling pendants can easily and quickly change expressions by switching between the 3 optional gemstone balls or pearls, which are always included. A classic white pearl is always beautiful, rose quartz adorable, labradorite raw and raspberry agate festive.

The slightly smaller Open Your Heart pendants are available in many different variants and go beautifully with a slightly larger pendant such as a Changeling pendant. 

The Violina pendants are available in 3 different sizes, and are all a hit. The small Twigs pendants are available both with diamonds and moonstones, as well as a slightly larger one with a freshwater pearl in the middle. The Philippa pendant with butterflies and slightly scattered diamonds is completely adventurous and the Hearts pendants understated with their mini hearts. 

All our pendants are made in both white gold and plain red gold. In addition, there is a Violina and a Happy Flower pendant in silver with gold details and a small diamond. 

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