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Order jewelry to the nearest retailer here

Buying jewelry is often a big decision, and it is nice to try the jewelry on as well as get personal service and guidance when the decision has to be made.  

That is why we now offer, free of charge, to send jewelery you want to try to your nearest Per Borup Design dealer.  

Write to us via the form below, which piece of jewelery you want to see and possibly which retailer we should send the jewelry to. We will send you a confirmation within a few days with an expected delivery time to the dealer. Remember that all our jewelery is made to order, so expect up to two weeks delivery time.  

We will notify you when the jewelery has been sent to the store and they will contact you when it is ready for you to come by and try on the jewelery. If everything is as it should be, you can buy the jewelery in the shop and take it home the same day.  

NOTE! Applies only to dealers in Denmark and Sweden.

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