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Pendants and necklaces

Pearl locks from Per Borup Design have their own unique locking system developed in the 80s. The locking system makes it easy to switch between locks and chains, and makes a very beautiful closure on your chain. 

When your chain needs to be closed, you insert the dowel into the lock until it clicks and then it is fixed. When the chain needs to be opened again, you can easily get it open again with the fingernail on the presser. It just has to be pushed slightly away from the chain and it can be pulled out again. 

On this page you will find a small selection of all our pearl locks. If you want to see them all, you can uselinked here.

Our range of locks is wide ranging. There are the nice little balls, hearts and the small pipe lock which are perfect for everyday use and the slightly larger ones which are good for finer occasions. 

There are lots of locks with shapes born of great creativity and imagination, and those where it has to represent something.

Most of the locks were designed by Per Borup, Kell Borup and Karin Borup.

They each had their own way of arriving at a design. Per Borup often started his design process by drawing, and on the old papers there can be many small drawings where you can see how the design developed. Kell and Karin Borup often started with a lump of wax which was cut off and added until the final lock appeared. 

All the locks are with our unique locking system, and if you already have a chain you are happy with, it can probably easily be added.

Most goldsmiths can help with restringing your pearl necklaces, and if we need help with

to find one, you are very welcome to contact us so that we can refer you to someone close to you

Per Borup Design dealer. 

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