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Pendants and necklaces

We offer a large selection of beautiful necklaces. Our necklaces are available in many variants, both silver chains, gold chains and pearls for your pearl locks.

The oxidized silver chains are nice with gold pendants, so that the beautiful gold pendant is highlighted.

Gold chains are always beautiful to wear around the neck.

The small necklaces are beautiful to wear on their own if you just want something around your neck, but they are also nice to wear together with a larger, longer chain. 

We offer pearl necklaces in many lengths, so it's easy to find the perfect one for your neckline. They can be easily combined with each other. Eg. with a pearl chain of 42 cm, one of 50 cm and 2 pearl clasps so that it becomes one long chain. 

If you are in doubt about which length of necklace is best for you, you can use a string. Place the string where you want the necklace and then measure the string. If your desired length is not on our webshop, you are very welcome to contact us or one of our dealers.

We would very much like to help you get the necklace you want. 

The necklaces are designed in timeless designs and of the highest quality. They can be used for all occasions, whether it is for everyday use or for a party. The Hearts necklace sits nicely on the neck and is really nice for festive occasions. The small Open Your Heart, Ophelia and Philippa necklaces are available in a length of 38 cm, which makes the necklaces an obvious gift idea for christenings.

All our necklaces you can grow with and use throughout your life. 

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