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We offer a large selection of bracelets and bangles for women. Bracelets are traditionally a very popular piece of jewellery, and this is understandable – a bracelet can spice up any outfit. 

Here at Per Borup Design we have both small fine bracelets and larger bracelets as well as beautiful bangles. 

The small bracelets with details and charms in gold and diamonds are an obvious gift idea or if you just want to treat yourself. Likewise, the popular Twigs Changeling bangle where you can replace the gemstone balls or the beautiful Ella bangle that gives a feeling of lace on the wrist. 

The smaller bracelets with small charms are available in several variants and with small diamonds in them. They are small and nice to wear alone, but also compliment larger bracelets and wristwatches very well. The Open Your Heart bracelets have diamonds on both sides of the hearts so that it sparkles beautifully on your wrist regardless of which way the bracelet faces. 

The larger bracelets are lovely to wear and all have a diamond in the clasp. Most are closed with Per Borup Design's own ball lock with an additional safety mechanism. 

Bangles have had a revival and are currently very popular. All our bangles are open which makes it easier to put on and take off.

We hope you find your next bracelet with us. If you want to see the full range, you can explore our product catalog here.  

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