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We offer gold earrings in 14 carat gold and silver earrings in the best quality. V

Our earrings at Per Borup Design are available in many variants.

From the very small ear studs to the large Party ear hangers, the creoles and everything in between.


Ear studs are the perfect gift idea for her with pierced ears.

The small ear studs can be worn all the time and the larger colored ones are good for parties and the summer dress.

All our earrings are made of either 14 carat gold or silver and have luxury back mechanisms that best ensure that you do not lose your earrings. 

    Our selection of earrings is large. It applies to most of our earrings that the focus is on the gold in the design, but most are still adorned with at least one small diamond. Because diamonds are always a good idea!

    The small, fine Twigs pearl earrings are elegant and suitable for every occasion. The same Twigs earrings but with tourmalines are beautiful and absolutely perfect for summer. The Hearts ear studs are popular with their mini hearts and the Open Your Heart ear studs in all variants are good for everyday use. 

    Creoles also come in several varieties, and the latest Ophelia ones are really a hit. So simple and beautiful both on its own but also with Ophelia gemstone drops on it. Just like with the Ophelia creoles, you can also put gemstone drops on the many different Party earrings. 

    Earring hangers are available in both Fiona, Una and not least the Hearts series where they are movable. 

    The light lace-like Ella earrings are very elegant to wear and the Twigs earrings with freshwater pearls or Tahitian pearls do not come better. 

    No matter what occasion you're looking for earrings for, we're sure we have the perfect match. 

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